Type ? or commands at the Autolog command prompt to display this list of Autolog commands.
abort      baud       break      bye        change     copy       data
delay      duplex     emset      emulate    eof        flow       idle
key        link       logfile    macro      meta       modem      mlt
packetsize parity     pause      put        set        setmacro   stop
timeout    unlink
alarm      carrier    control    debug      fkey       fold       guard
image      lower      nocompress noerase    rename     stall      strip
terse      x1k        xcrc       xnet       zauto
append     break      capture    cd         chain      close      commands
dial       dialer     direct     finish     get        go         goto
haltpoint  hangup     if         kermit     lookup     note       peek
post       press      pwd        quit       receive    redial     release
resume     say        send       show       sleep      sstep      system
talk       textsend   transmit   type       until      version    xgreceive
xgtransmit xreceive   xtransmit  xy         ygreceive  ygtransmit yreceive
ytransmit  zreceive   ztransmit  ?
Autolog commands are entered in command mode, at the command mode prompt: >
After typing in a command (with the appropriate arguments, if necessary), press the Return or Enter key.

Most commands can be abbreviated to the fewest letters that distinguish that command from any other. For example, the receive command can be entered as rec (the fewest letters that distinguish it from redial, release, rename, and resume ).

To cancel a command before it finishes executing, press the cancel or interrupt key used by your system or shell (control-C is commonly used, but this depends on your system or shell).