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Soft Machines was founded by Bob Rubendunst in 1982. The focus of Soft Machines is to produce flexible and powerful software tools, and since 1982 we have delivered "software that works for you." Our star product is Autolog, a communications program that features error-free file transfers, terminal emulation, and scripting. Originally, Autolog was developed for the multiuser AMOS operating system in the early nineteen eighties. In the past twenty seven years, Soft Machines has learned a lot about delivering solutions.

Eventually, Soft Machines ported the Autolog product to other more mainstream operating systems. Autolog versions ran under AIX, Linux, DOS, and Windows. Soft Machines legacy products have reached the "extremely mature" phase, so now in the 21st century, Soft Machines primary income is from consulting.

Soft Machines received the AMUS "Vendor of the Year Award" in 1996 for outstanding service.

Soft Machines moved to Charleston, Illinois in February, 2009.

You can reach Soft Machines via e-mail, voice mail, or postal mail:


Soft Machines
c/o Bob Rubendunst
1018 Woodlawn Dr
Charleston, IL 61920

In August 2000, Soft Machines entered into an agreement to transfer the domain name to SoftM AG of Germany. Now Soft Machines' home page is

Last updated: Jun 5, 2018