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Soft Machines' efficient and economical file transfer protocol

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Soft Machines Transfer (SMT) protocol was developed to help computer dealers support their clients' systems in the field. One copy of Autolog on a dealer system enables the dealer to support all of his or her clients without buying Autolog for each client's computer!

A single license of Autolog can transfer files with a multitude of client computers. The clients don't even have to run the same operating system as the master system. The clients need the Slave program ; only the master site needs an Autolog license. It's economical.

Unlike more primitive file transfer protocols, such as X/Y/ZMODEM or Kermit, SMT gives you a consistent, uniform way to send and receive files in a single session, from a single point of control.

SMT is easy to use and can be automated using Autolog's very simple scripting commands.

SMT is a proven technology used by thousands of business computer users since 1982. Now it's available for Windows, and Red Hat Linux.

Here are features of SMT using Autolog and Slave:

  • Wildcarding
  • Error correction and data compression
  • Solid, reliable performance without a lot of fussing
  • Transfer only those files that have changed
  • Transfer only those files that already exist remotely
  • Transfer only those files that do not already exist remotely
  • Text conversion
  • Unlike ZMODEM, text conversion and "send only files that have changed" options can be combined!
  • Can transfer files over 7-bit connections
[SMT allows one master computer to service multiple clients]

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