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Autolog for Windows

File transfer, terminal emulation, and scripting software for Windows 95/98/NT

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[Autolog puts you in control!]Autolog Serial Communications for Windows 95/98/NT enables you to call other sites, run programs remotely, and transfer files with remote sites. Autolog offers a wealth of features to increase your connectivity:

  • Autolog allows your PC to act like a VT102, PC ANSI, SCO ANSI, Alpha Micro Generic, WYSE60, or TTY terminal.
  • Autolog can transfer files to and from remote computer systems using these protocols:
    • SMT protocol to DOS, Windows, and Alpha Micro computers
    • ZMODEM file transfer with full support of ZMODEM's conversion and management options
    • YMODEM, YMODEM-g, XMODEM, XMODEM-g for older applications
    • Kermit, including commands for Kermit servers
    • No-protocol (text) file transfers
  • You can automate communications by writing scripts featuring loops, macros, conditionals, and pattern matching.
  • Now supports AUTLOG XCALL interface for 32-bit A-Shell for Windows
  • DIALER menu makes it easy to call remote systems.
  • Comprehensive HTML-based help system.
  • Autolog scripts are portable to Linux, and WIN32 platforms.
  • NT users can use COM ports or TAPI devices.
  • Autolog is a full 32-bit application.
  • Network version 2.0x supports multiple users with one PIC code on a central server.
  • Also available for Red Hat Linux
If you are not pleased with Autolog, return it within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

Single-user version-Part Number: SMS301, List Price: US$ 149.00

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